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Technology Solutions
for Your Industry


Industry 4.0 has arrived. New product introduction with short time to market is expected all the time. Digital twins, robotics, IoT, AI based predictive maintenance - these are just some of technologies that help manufacturers stay competitive. 

Banking & Financial Services

Have you heard about Open Banking? It is expected to revolutionize banking sector.

Fintech in broader terms disrupts financial services. China prepares launching central bank digital currency in 2020 - that may change the currency scene. 


5G was discussed for so many years. We can now buy 5G handsets. Enterprise users use IoT, deploy private mobile networks enabled by 5G, port mission critical applications to mobile and offer new entertainment services to consumers. Certainly lots of change in the telecom world with value chain being disrupted by geopolitical situation and technology advancements.

Energy & Utilities

Smart meters or smart grid became household terms. Solar panels are everywhere. The next big thing is climate change and alternative energy, electrical mobility and new business models.


Smart City is an umbrella term that includes many different aspects of creating, delivering and using city environment by all stakeholders. Such initiatives are often driven by local governments willing to make life better for local residents and tourists alike. There is also global competition for talent and inward investment that help growing local economy. 


Global population grows and more food is needed. Environmental concerns become stronger. This necessitates improvements in how agriculture. There is a lot of innovation in this space: crop measurement and prediction using AI and satellite images, provenance assurance using blockchain, home delivery using drones, smart irrigation using IoT devices, etc. 


Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Mobility, Unmanned Aaerial Vehicle, Urban Transport Mobility, Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Driving, High Speed Railways, Open Sky initiative, System Wide Information Management (SWIM)in Air Traffic Management (ATM), Performance Based Navigation, etc, etc

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