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Space Supernova

Why Choose Galaxy Innovation?

01. Reduce complexity in your projects

We live in VUCA world that has volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. There is a lot on your plate already. Don't you want an experienced and trusted partner to help you navigate all this uncertainty? We act as trusted advisors helping you succeed in this complex world.

02. Deep technology expertise

We have experience in many modern technologies including AI/ML, 5G, IoT, quantum computing, cybersecurity, blockchain, Industry 4.0. We can augment your current team and work together with you to deliver business outcomes.

03. Broad business experience

We helped big corporations with their innovation and digital transformation initiatives. We also helped SMEs with their positioning and product development. We understand business constraints and are ready to work in different cultures.

04. Innovation mindset

We worked in venture capital helping multinational corporations with their innovation initiatives. We worked in startups driving innovation. We worked in academia creating innovation. We speak this language and scored 99% in innovation benchmarks.

05. Focus on results

All talk is irrelevant if not supported by actions. We are keen to engage hands-on and do any work required to deliver business outcomes. No stone will be left untouched. Let's get the work done together !

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