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Galaxy Innovation is a trusted advisor in the universe of technologies. 

We help identifying bright stars in dark matter to create disruption and sunny future.

Our Services

It is all about innovation and digital transformation. Feel free to reach out if you can't see what you look for.

Our Services
Technology Strategy

Do you know your technology strategy?

Do you have a vision?

Do you monitor your competitors?

Do you need investment to grow?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we can help.

Product Management

Do you have a product strategy?

What is your time to market?

Do you have a PLM platform in place?

Is your product competitive?

If you need help in any of these areas, we can help.

Digital Transformation

Is your company competitive?

Are you coping with technology changes?

Do you have adequate internal capability?

Are you ready for the cloud business model?

These are challenges of the modern world. We are experts in these and can guide you to your objectives.


Do you know what value your assets have?

Have you done risk profiling?

Are you aware about your vulnerabilities?

Do you have internal cyber awareness program?

What is your level of cybersecurity maturity?

Quantum Computing

Do you know if you can benefit from quantum computing?

Are you aware about quantum machine learning?

Have you deployed quantum key distribution system?


What is your innovation posture?

Do you have innovation strategy and program in place?

Have you used outsourced innovation?

How competitive are you?


Delivering a high technology skills country survey to policy makers

Mr Zhao Guanghui
Program Director

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd



“Leon successfully delivered all required outcomes. He showed himself as a professional of high standard as well as a strong expert both in advanced technologies and in business transformation. His personal hands-on engagements in some key projects helped to make them more successful.”

Mr Zhao Guanghui
Program Director

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd


Ready to find out more?

We are always ready to help. Feel free to send a request for a no-obligation 30 min telephone call.

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