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Quantum Computing

•Yuri Manin (1980) and Richard Feynman (1982) suggested that a quantum computer had the potential to simulate things that a classical computer could not. It is not a fiction any more. Quantum computers can be used in the cloud as one would use a data folder.

Quantum computers can be used for many different purposed. It is possible to create new materials. It is possible to optimize logistic schedules. It is possible to do Monte Carlo simulations of your investment portfolio. It is also possible to break current encryption such as RSA, DH, ECC used in PKI, SSL and other internet technologies.

This is where another application of quantum science can help - quantum key distribution. It allows creating secure key sets that cannot be intercepted.

We gave strong foundation in quantum electronics and are involved in a number of projects. Do get in touch if you feel you could benefit from quantum technologies.

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